Friday, July 31, 2009

The brighter side of my sunshine;

Their is always a happy ending to a great story, and this Kansas trip seems like it just realized it has had a pretty great outcome. I had some good fun while in Kansas, I mean how many people get to Canoe in a lightning and thunder storm like Lewis and Clark? Or get bumped into a corner on golf carts by Dave the master of disaster, or even feed and pet a bull that probably weighs about 1,500 pounds of pure muscle....

I've learned a lot on this trip like, don't count your chickens before they hatch, things usually are what they seem, and the warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach isn't always a fart, "its love."

My mom Kimberlee is one of the most influential people in my life right now. I know we don't always seem to get along, but we usually work things out and laugh about it in the end. Even when she embarrasses me while I'm talking to a boy on the phone, we still laugh about it. Ive learned from her, that accepting a poor outcome doesn't always mean throw in the towel but to get right back on up to fight your way back on top of your renewed thrown.

My step dad Dave has also taught me a lesson. When you put your heart into something and someone wants to put you down ignore them and keep your stride for the finish line. Volleyball is my life and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for what you love, even if it means running till you pass out or crunching till your 2 pack wants no part of your body.

These lessons will get me through life as long as i keep my head held above failure and right under my goals I can do anything I set out to achieve.

Tonight I'm sure will set some fears in my eyes and accomplishments in my heart. The roller coaster of life seems to throw things of all sorts in everyone's way, whither you get over them is your choice, and tonight I will over come my fears of real roller coasters with my family.
Good luck to all you girls out there, that are looked down upon because you aren't the most successful in your family.
I may not be the smartest but I have more goals with higher standards that I WILL ACCOMPLISH!


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Hello... I'm Ashlee-Marie, && you are? Well to start, I'm sixteen years young ~for what its worth~ I am currently a Junior at Winfree Academy Charter School. I happen to be Single. I am into the whole Wrangler wearing, Church going, Horse ridding, Southern Gentlemen Type guy... Because one day this Southern Bell is gonna grow up...[COWGIRL UP!] I have a little sister--->Olivia Jones && a big sister----> Hayley Eisley! SPORTS ARE MY LIFE. Especially Volleyball, Track, && Basketball. I have recently decided to attend Church regularly [First Baptist Of Richardson] && Ive learned... ♥Think hard about the choices you plan on making because they could potentially make your life, that much different. I'm Not Sure What Else You'd Need To Know, but If You think of something.... Message Me alrighty? bye(: Ashlee-Marie Out!(: