Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling Behind the Line...

So I believe I had a thick line I set up for myself a long time ago.
See, that line was drawn in chalk, when I was really young.
Now that the torturous rains of guilt, regret, and hopefulness have come and dissipated I see my barrier as a worn down tooth pick of dreams. I mean of course I still have dreams, hopes, and goals. But my ideal way of getting to them has kind of been run down with drama, bad relationships, and family struggles. Yeah, it shouldn't all come crashing down at once, but you know what? Its life, and it sure doesn't care who you are, where you live, or how much money you make in a day//month//year// or even a lifetime, everyone's time to fail or shine comes weither your braced for the impact or not. We just have to live up to those moments and even if it changes our lives, we should just let it happen. If you go through a break-up or lose someone close, don't show God that it hurts, show him how STRONG it makes you in the process. My blogs are real struggles I've been through. I want to show the world how strong I stand even with the pain and constant confusion I have gone and am going through. Just prove them wrong, stand strong, and hold your ground. The grass always needs a trim on the other side, but how are you going to get there without a battle?

Just a few things about me, if your wondering...

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Hello... I'm Ashlee-Marie, && you are? Well to start, I'm sixteen years young ~for what its worth~ I am currently a Junior at Winfree Academy Charter School. I happen to be Single. I am into the whole Wrangler wearing, Church going, Horse ridding, Southern Gentlemen Type guy... Because one day this Southern Bell is gonna grow up...[COWGIRL UP!] I have a little sister--->Olivia Jones && a big sister----> Hayley Eisley! SPORTS ARE MY LIFE. Especially Volleyball, Track, && Basketball. I have recently decided to attend Church regularly [First Baptist Of Richardson] && Ive learned... ♥Think hard about the choices you plan on making because they could potentially make your life, that much different. I'm Not Sure What Else You'd Need To Know, but If You think of something.... Message Me alrighty? bye(: Ashlee-Marie Out!(: