Sunday, August 16, 2009

some days seem to feel so unapealing for the next...

Some days you feel great, and would love to, lets say go for a jog, walk, hop, or maybe even a skip "if your just that kind of person."

&& other days you feel trapped in a world of despair.

Well lately I feel like neither of those things. I actually feel like an aspiring actress ready for my big break, maybe I just need a break from the drama && hardcore action of volleyball.
Being as I'm now a Lady Cougar, && not where I should be in life doesn't seem to help.
These 2 extra years of High School in a small town isn't as great as I can make it sound, as for me I find myself in a writers block wondering if i should quit now, or stride for something greater than what my family expects of me? Hmmm, now do you see where I fit into this black sheep mentality.
My family is made up of great's && I feel destined to sit in the stands as their careers unfold into a full blown rage when their goals come flying && they knock it out of the park while I stand hoping that those goals I set aren't higher than I can really bat.
I guess what im trying to say is... With a Father honorably discharged from the U.S Military, a Mother who is a wonderful Web Designer with great eye for talent, a Step-Mom who has idea's unimaginable to Einstein, a Step-Dad who's got everything to live for , && brothers who know nothing more than to do as expected in school. I feel designated to follow in their footsteps.
Yet I cant focus in school, never makes good grades, && dont even have my permit.

What does life have in store for me this school year?
Hopefully something of great success, because another year of failure isn't great for a girl with self esteem like mine.

Well I am going to keep my head held high like my nose is bleeding from my set goals beating me to the turn around in the outfield.

Think with your heart not always your brain.
Learn from me, and I will learn from you.


Just a few things about me, if your wondering...

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Hello... I'm Ashlee-Marie, && you are? Well to start, I'm sixteen years young ~for what its worth~ I am currently a Junior at Winfree Academy Charter School. I happen to be Single. I am into the whole Wrangler wearing, Church going, Horse ridding, Southern Gentlemen Type guy... Because one day this Southern Bell is gonna grow up...[COWGIRL UP!] I have a little sister--->Olivia Jones && a big sister----> Hayley Eisley! SPORTS ARE MY LIFE. Especially Volleyball, Track, && Basketball. I have recently decided to attend Church regularly [First Baptist Of Richardson] && Ive learned... ♥Think hard about the choices you plan on making because they could potentially make your life, that much different. I'm Not Sure What Else You'd Need To Know, but If You think of something.... Message Me alrighty? bye(: Ashlee-Marie Out!(: