Sunday, January 31, 2010


It seems to be I try my hardest to say "I'm sorry" but even sorry is never good enough for him.
I mean I work so very hard to just be his friend and people go and screw everything up. Rumors are Lies and Lies aren't true. If you ask me something im not going to go and find some random story to tell you, im not going to flaunt something I don't have, and im sure not going to tell you something I don't believe is the truth.

I personally could tell you I Love You, but seeing the person you've become I know that's a lie, so I wont do it, I'll save myself from the hurt and frustration of waiting for your irrelevant excuse of an answer. Ive learned so much from you, and who you are to this day! I do have some small snide remarks to make about you, but only because you speak all of yours to the world. While I keep mine to myself, because I know its the adult thing to do. I don't need to talk up a storm of delirious lies and rumors. I wouldn't necessarily cause you hurt or anger, but I would make you question yourself in ways no other girl could possibly ever show you. Thinking upon the last few months turning 16 made an impact on my life from the day before and the days to come after, but look at me now babe. Open your eyes and see the woman I am. I may still be the same 16yr old you knew before, but I am capable of seeing bullshit before I go off believing it. Im so much more mature than you will ever be. All I need to do is say COWGIRL UP because this cowgirl is done shedding tears for your sorry bullshit.

Have a nice life Jonathan. Good-luck with drinking and smoking pot.
Youll see one day what you've become.

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